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Enjoy our many species of Birds, Butterflies and Dragon Flies in their Habitat

Explore St. Lucia's Birds, Butterflies, Dragon Flies

The trek is an easy one with opportunities to see a wide variety of birds; some of these birds are unique to St. Lucia, such as the gorgeous St. Lucia warbler, the spectacular St. Lucia Oriole and golden coloured St. Lucia Pewee. Other noteworthy and spectacular birds you will see are Grey Trembler and the three species of humming birds (the Purple-throated Carib, the Green Throated Carib and Antillean Crested Hummingbird).

Humming birds are a mystery to scientist, naturalist and even the average woman, man and child. The wings of the hummingbird move so fast, that are often described a miniature helicopter – about 80 beats per second – these amazing creatures can actually fly right, left, up, down, sideways and stop in mid-air at lightning speed.

You will also have an opportunity to see a wide variety of butterflies, dragon flies and colorful lizards in their natural habitats. Some have adapted to thrive on the edge of wildness; on the agricultural farms and flower gardens.

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