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Nature Tours

Birding and Wildlife tours in St. Lucia. Enjoy our Many endemic species, beautiful landscapes and learn about our natural history.

Butterfly Tours

Butterflies in St. Lucia

Our butterfly tours takes you to see some of the most beautiful butterflies in St. Lucia

Our Reptiles

St. Lucia's Reptile Species

Explore our many reptile species including the St. Lucia iguana.

Scenery & Birds

Spectacular Birding

See many endemics, on the edge of a tropical rain forest.

Bird Watching

Hardcore Birding

Tour where Birding Enthusiasts search for much sought-after endemics like the White-breasted Thrasher and the St. Lucia Parrot

Birding and More

Birding and Wildlife Excursions

GO WILD! Come Lets Explore the Nature of St. Lucia

St. Lucia's Biodiversity

Saint Lucia has a rich diversity of habitats for numerous animal and plant species.

Birds in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is home to 176 bird species. Five (5) endemic species. Thirteen (13) subspecies

St. Lucia Reptiles

There are 19 reptile species on St. Lucia. 7 endemic, including the world's rarest snake.

Beautiful St. Lucia

Helen of the West: St. Lucia is renown for its natural beauty its lush green landscapes

St. Lucia Birding and Wildlife Ambassadors' Tours

St. Lucia Helen of the West

Golden Sand Beaches, Emerald waters, Breathtaking Views, Unique Wildlife

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Wildlife Ambassadors offer professional and skilled guiding service throughout Saint Lucia.

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