Adams Toussaint

 Adams Toussaint's  passion for the outdoors and birding has its roots in his childhood where he grew up in a small rural town of Castries called Fond Assau, in close proximity to the Castries Water Works Forest Reserve. Adams lives and breathes forests and wildlife; his first and only job was with the Saint Lucia Forestry Department where he started as a Forest Ranger in 1980 and where he retired as The Chief Forestry Officer in July 2018. He holds a Diploma in Forest Management from the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry in Trinidad and Tobago;   B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy with and Minor in Political Science from Hartwick College in the New York State, USA. Adams also graduated from the International University of Andalucía, Spain, with a Master’s Degree in Management of Biological Diversity.  

Adams is a photographer, author, and part-time bird guide which he has done, during his free time, as a hobby and to supplement his Forest Ranger’s salary for over 20 years. He also conducts lecturers and training workshops for tour guides and taxi drivers on the island in flora and fauna interpretation. He has written numerous articles on flora and fauna for local newspapers and some primary school books, technical and scientific reports and journals.  Adams is the author of the Birds of Saint Lucia, West Indies and The Status and Conservation of Saint Lucia’s Forest Birds.

Adams is now retired from the Government Forest Service and has fully dedicated his time for birding; volunteering his time in conservation, inventorying and producing a photographic database of birds and wildlife on the island of Saint Lucia. He also split his time in managing and leading bird tours for his small family owned birding and hiking company called SLU Birding Wildlife Ambassadors.  He is also a long-standing member of Birds Caribbean, which is a vibrant international network committed to conserving Caribbean. 

Adams Toussaint

Adams Toussaint On Conservation  on St. Lucia and Habitats

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