Rain Forest Hike

Trek through the Rain Forest see the St. Lucia Parrot, lush greenery and beautiful flora.

Hike through the St. Lucia Rain Forest

Experience of a botanical paradise on this hike which traverse through the Central Rain forest; starting from Des Cartiers on the Eastern side of the island ending at Edmond Forest on the Western side.  Get off at Mahaut to explore St. Lucia’s most hidden lush rain forest.  Drive six miles inland from the East Coast highway through a secondary road.  Explore the definite possibility of seeing the rare St. Lucia Parrot (Jacquot).  Trek through the ultimate rain forest and view the wonderful verdant forests, discover many of St. Lucia’s endemic wildlife as you walk this 10 kilometers trail.

Nature Hike in St. LuciaThe forests of the island generally show a change from the seashore inland to the interior region.  The forest change form mangrove or scrub forest and grasslands on the coast to rainforest in the interior, then to montane thicket and elfin woodland as one goes higher up the mountains.  There is a total of 53700 acres of natural forest left on the island covering a percentage of 35.2% of land.  Tropical moist forest covers 31,053 acres, a percentage of 20.30% (about 11% is in the government reserve and the rest on private lands).  Mangrove covers 18,562 acres or 12.1% and the remainder is open woodland 2.1% or 3215 acres.  The total acreage of the island is 152,303.


As one treks along, one can see numerous plants such as bromeliads, orchids, Giant tree ferns, mushrooms and lianas.  At intervals you are able to take long distant views of the Caribbean Sea.  Emerging from the dark shade of the forest as you continue your walk westward on the island in the open, a magnificent view of Mt. Gimie, St. Lucia’s highest peak fills the eyes along the scenic natural beauty extending northwards.



Our expert naturalist will be on hand to guide you through this complex and nature’s most wonderful expression of creation. They will be excited to interpret the ecology and nature of the rainforest around you, tell you about the history and legends and folk laws of the rainforest; that will make for a hike that will resonate with you forever.






Last modified on 29 August 2018
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